DIN Productions Presents


Monday, October 16, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Jake's Backroom

Lubbock, TX


This event is all ages

The clown has snuck out from the circus and is climbing through your bedroom window.
Now he wants to tell you a story.
Avatar build their vast universe on a few very simple principals. All great metal is created
by understanding that the riff is king and that the riff is groove. Whether it’s a blast beat or
a back beat, you need to understand the vessel in which your riff will be carried. Once it
takes off, all you need to do is follow. Let the music play you. This is how it’s supposed to
Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden the lads grew up in the eye of a storm of local
musicians made up of metal greats and legends who conquered the world and redrew
the map of heavy metal on a monthly basis. This was the measuring stick, and the group
have proudly taken on the challenge ever since.
The band released Black Waltz in 2012 and found their voice in the madness and started
to truly forge their own path in the music they were making. “Our take on playing in a
band is that it’s concept art,” says vocalist Johannes Eckerström. “Everything has to carry
the same idea and emotion. You have to be able to see what it sounds like, hear what it
smells like and read how it feels.” As such, it is only natural that a group creating music
with such strong imagery have become so visually striking, a trait that only became
stronger with their 2014 release, Hail the Apocalypse.
In 2016, Avatar are releasing their latest endeavor Feathers & Flesh, and the promise
that’s given is that nothing will be the same ever again. “We’ve made a concept album,”
Eckerström declares. “It’s a fable about an owl who goes to war to stop the sun from
rising. It’s a tragic story of someone ultimately being set up to fail. She will learn many
lessons and encounter many other creatures with ideas of their own. In the end, however,
one must ask if something was learned at all.”
So how did the circus freaks end up in a land of fairy tales and talking animals? The
clown and the circus were born from the darkness in all of our minds. Their music opens
the door within us that we otherwise would not find. What Avatar has done has always
been of a psychological nature. Thus that trademark sinister grin is the mirror none of us
want to look in to. Now the clown has stepped out of our nightmares and sits down next
to us as we lie in bed about to fall asleep. He brought a book and with the help of his little
creatures he tells us a story about the duality of the human experience. This book will
actually be available for purchase alongside the album. “It was just too many words for a
CD booklet,” the vocalist states, making Avatar the first band of it’s kind releasing a
physical book alongside the album.
The album was recorded in Germany, Finland and Sweden in December 2015 with
producer extraordinaire Sylvia Massy (System of a Down, Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers) at
the wheel. The music is as always rooted in the extreme, with plenty of melodic sensibility
and a lust for experimentation. There is a love for intense double bass drumming, riffing
and shredding of timeless dimensions alongside rough edges, slow grooves and epic
storytelling for the ages. The idea is that as the band digs deeper, the fists will be held up
higher. The end result is a modern metal album with all the ruthlessness and power one
could ask for handled with a loving songwriter’s hand, inspired by The Beatles and
The first taste of madness is in the form of a music video for the track “For the Swarm,” a
song telling the story of the Owl’s encounter with a beehive. “The Owl is very much an
individualist and is trying very hard to find creatures who will fight for her,” says Johannes.
“The Bees are of course having none of that as they purely exist as a collective and
wouldn’t even dream of waging war for an individual cause.” Musically the song is a short
and sharp spear, with unapologetic increase of volume as it progresses. Its job is to
portray both the machine like precision of the hive mind working as one and the fury of a
million voices chanting the same mantra.
The second taste will be “The Eagle Has Landed.” It presents the Eagle, the antagonist of
the tale as he sees himself. Eckerström explains: “An interesting thing about the
antagonists is that they are rarely aware of that they’re the bad guys. All things
considered, we are all probably awful people and the mortal enemy of someone but we
take for granted that our moral compass points the right way and that our ambitions and
means to achieve them are justified. This is a very important point that this story and
specifically this song wants to discuss.”
And so the AVATAR​journey has begun. Having grown up playing music together, the
history of the band is already long and rich. It’s a coming of age story about five young
men who are earning their place on the bill by having paid their dues and provided
something that has been missed in metal for a long time; Character and Color. This has
been proven time and time again on opening tours with Avenged Sevenfold, Five Finger
Death Punch, Rob Zombie, Sevendust and many others as well as extremely successful
headline rounds and record breaking appearances on festivals such as Rock on the
Range and Louder than Life.
With glorious nightmares we didn’t dare to dream of, Avatar is once again taking us all on
a journey they promise won’t hurt, for long.
Venue Information:
Jake's Backroom
5025 50th St #A
Lubbock, TX, 79414