Din Productions Presents


Wayland, Vital Empire

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


Dallas, TX


This event is all ages

They finally released their EP "Some Kind of Alchemy". The boys have found new fury in every facet of their rock n roll careers...their new, confident vision is contagious..keep your eyes and ears peeled for these boys..catch the broadcast... Dubbed the "1 unsigned act in America" by FOX News, and the "1 unsigned band in Las Vegas" by Xtreme Rock Radio 107.5, OTHERWISE have a very bright future ahead of them.
Over the last few years the genre of rock has been pulled in so many different directions, leaving timeless vocal melodies and guitars to become far and few between. Wayland naturally possesses these qualities and more. Formed in 2010, The band was soon signed to Kiefer Sutherland's Iron Works Records by hit singer/ song writer/ producer Jude Cole. Managed by Jesse James Dupree, Wayland released their first single "Welcome To My Head" which experienced high ranking on Mainstream and Active Rock charts. The follow up charting single "Reno" began to showcase Wayland's diverse influences, from huge vocal harmony reminiscent of classic rock icons like Journey and Queen, and thick crunchy guitar riffs and pounding drums leaning on the hard rock side of the spectrum. With the release of 2014's "Get A Little" the band's music video for the song went viral online bringing in massive social media and YouTube numbers, causing the song to hit #6 on ITunes Rock charts. 2016 brought the Active Rock radio hit single "Bloody Sunrise" taking the band into almost 5 straight years of non-stop touring, boasting 250+ shows a year. There's no signs of Wayland slowing down any time soon. Their new album "Rinse & Repeat" is out now with the first single, Through The Fire, reaching into the 20s on Billboard Mainstream Rock.
Read each member of Wayland's biography and story.

Mitch Arnold - Vocals / Guitar - Wayland"My dad was an incredible athlete, a hard ass parent and a demanding father when it came to character and pushing his sons to their full potential. He was loving but stern. He also came from a theatre background and put himself through college singing at funerals. He was always really happy I was involved in sports but equally as excited when I would sing in show choir and different singing ensembles as a kid. When I was a teenager, I never dreamed I would be in a rock n’ roll band but I always knew I would perform for a living. Though my dad has passed on, his words of encouragement still ring in my ears to this day. There is no feeling like the stage, and for me, there never has been. No matter what is going on, I know I can step up in front of the lights with Phill, Dean and Nigel and everything else disappears. There is nothing like seeing the change on the audiences faces as we all transcend together into the hurricane of music. It is blissful. It is heaven… and we will forever exist there."

- Mitch Arnold

Phillip Vilenski - Guitar - Waylad"My first musical memories are of my dad playing bluegrass guitar in the front room at our house in Wayland, and my mom playing songs by Patsy Cline and Carol King on piano. Throughout grade school and middle school, I listened to music from the 50s and 60s, which ultimately lead me to The Beatles-- and there was no going back. Once I started playing in bands, my friends introduced me to Nirvana, Green Day, and everything else that was on MTV in 1998. My freshman year of high school, I put ads out in local music stores to start a band of older players. They soon taught me all about Chicago and Delta blues, which to this day, I believe, is the most expressive form of guitar playing. Over the last decade, I've been influenced by a wide spectrum of music, from Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, to The Black Crowes, The Killers, and Blackberry Smoke. I love the fact that music is a never-ending journey and I feel very thankful to be traveling and making records with a group of guys that i call my brothers. "

- Phill Vilenski

Dean Pizzaz - Bass - Waylad"As far back as I can remember, music has always been a part of my life. My parents and brothers always played the records and CDs that they loved, and there was always music in the house. When I was about 12 or 13, my older brother started messing around with the guitar. Naturally, I had to learn to play guitar, as well, so I could be "cool like him”. Luckily, I had a family that encouraged learning instruments and I was able to take lessons. My teacher, Joyce, challenged me to learn music other than what was popular at the time. Artists like Leon Redbone, Eric Clapton, and B.B. King opened me up to a whole new world of music. It wasn't until I was 16 and I heard Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin that I knew I wanted my future to be about music. There was something about the sound of their voices in front of that huge band! This brought me to many inner battles of wanting to sing in a musical, act in a play or try to replicate the latest Aerosmith or Smashing Pumpkins album with my friends in the basement. It's funny to think after high school, I abandoned the guitar altogether to become a better actor and entertainer. Not so many years later everything changed, when I heard records like "Exile on Main Street," "Sticky Fingers," "Abbey Road," and "Let it Be" or "Zeppelin" 1,2, or 3. I picked up the guitar again and found myself wanting to become a part of something so much bigger than myself. It was a no- brainer when Phil and Mitch asked me to quit my job, quit school, join the band, and learn to play bass guitar. To me, creating music with my band and sharing music with people the greatest thing on Earth. I’m thankful for all the other artists that keep giving music back as well. It's great to always have new music to learn from and look forward to."

- Dean Pizzazz

Nigel Dupree - Drums - Wayland"When I was around 4 years old, I used to get out of the bath tub and my dad would crank some James Brown and throw a towel around my shoulders. He taught me at that point to hunch over and walk with a bounce to the beat of the song… then a couple of steps in, throw the towel off and start dancing. Somewhere between then and age 12 is when I saw Green Day live for the first time and watched Tre' Cool set his kit on fire. I knew I was meant to play music (most importantly ON STAGE) as many nights as I could. At some point in my life I’ve taken to all genres of music. For reasons unknown, I chose to follow the fashion trends of those genres, at times despite the current decade, but that’s another story. What I did, and do take, from exploring so much music is that Rock N Roll is where my heart is. The sound of crunchy guitars, rolling bass, drums like thunder and vocals from the heavens-- it doesn’t get any better. Since playing my first concert at age 11 for my school “pizza party”, I’ve been on a journey to find others that share the same passion, for not only music, but being in a band as I do. I couldn’t be more thankful to have joined up with Mitch, Phill, and Dean to embark on this musical conquest. Live Loud."
Vital Empire
Ambient power rock band Vital Empire combines veteran musicians and songwriters, top-tier production and a fresh new vision and sound that draws from their past musical experience, but reaches into the future.

Following in the musical path carved by Imagine Dragons and Bring Me the Horizon, members of Vital Empire have assembled a collection of powerful rock songs that embrace a new energy that band members say create a unique and fresh listening experience on their maiden record slated for release in early 2018.

Grounded by rhythmic bass and a surging drum sound, vocalist Aaron Pose formerly of Curb Records’ band Faktion, adds an ethereal, almost haunting topline with his vocal performance that brings a fresh new take on modern rock music.

“All of us have been musicians for most of our adult lives,” Pose said. “But this band is different. We can feel it when we write, when we record and when we play live. It’s the type of musical experience most musicians dream of and we couldn’t be more excited to share this magic with the world.”

Bringing the music to life will be a well thought-out, beautifully executed stage show that today’s rock audiences have come to expect.

“We want to incorporate well-orchestrated sets where songs flow perfectly in and out of each other,” Pose said. “Each member in the band is doing something special and when people come to see us play, it will be a unique experience.”

Vital Empire has managed to combine radio marketability with strong musical hooks and positive lyrics while keeping the energy of the rock bands these members grew up on.

Add to the mix producer Travis Wyrick, who says Vital Empire brought something very unique to his Lakeside Studios and he was excited to do what only he can do, which is completely take it apart and put it back together again musically without losing the original passion in the music.

“I am super excited about this project,” Wyrick said. “We took the really strong bones they brought me and I think have produced a product that the band will be excited to perform and that the fans will completely flip out over.”

Vital Empire’s first record…… is set to release in 2018.
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226