Black Stone Cherry

DIN Productions Presents

Black Stone Cherry

Shaman's Harvest, Brittan Church, The Bayou City Outlaw Band

Monday, July 30, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Jake's Backroom

Lubbock, TX


This event is all ages

Black Stone Cherry
Black Stone Cherry
Family comes first—you can never forget who was there with you from the start. The Edmonton, Kentucky-based rock n' roll quartet Black Stone Cherry was raised on musical forefathers such as Cream, Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters, and the Faces, among other 1970s staples, and, now, with its sixth album, Family Tree, BSC salutes its classic rock heritage and honors its legacy with a beast of a Southern rock n' roll album.
"We caught divine intervention with this one," guitarist Ben Wells says with a good chuckle. "We hit a creative spark and tapped into a spirit and a fire we hadn't before." Drummer John Fred Young adds: "Family Tree showcases all of our collective musical influences and how we have taken those to create something that is truly our own unique Southern American Rock ‘N Roll Sound."
For 17 years, Black Stone Cherry has put forth a new vicious breed of Southern rock, injecting youthful vitality and a myriad of fresh new influences into the beloved American rock tradition. To date, the band has released five critically acclaimed albums, and one well-received blues EP. Black Stone Cherry has also rocked 12,000-cap arena shows, topped the UK charts, and shared the stage with a diverse roster of superstars, including Def Leppard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, Motörhead, and ZZ Top.
Black Stone Cherry came together in 2001 in Edmonton, Kentucky, eventually coalescing around the lineup of Chris Robertson, vocals and guitar; Ben Wells, guitar and vocals; Jon Lawhon, bass and vocals; and John Fred Young, drums. Young's dad Richard, and his Uncle Fred, are two members of the iconic country-fried rock n' roots band The Kentucky HeadHunters, and the high school-aged boys came up honing their craft in the group's Practice House, a 1940s bungalow.
"We grew up in the Kentucky Headhunters' rehearsal space, looking up at posters of Cream, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, the Stones, Montrose, and the Faces. We were like kids someone took in a time capsule and put in the woods," says drummer John Fred Young.
Like the band's previous album and EP, Black Stone Cherry opted to self-produce and track Family Tree at David Barrick's Barrick Recording, the same studio where BSC recorded its self-titled debut and Kentucky albums . BSC also opted to not over-rehearse in advance of the album, instead preferring the immediacy and spontaneity of in the-moment takes. "There was a lot of laughter in the studio this time, and an air of comfort because we had self-produced the last few releases. It helped us get down to the nitty gritty bones of our music," says bassist Jon Lawhon. The band also entrusted guitarist and vocalist Chris Robertson to mix the album. This homespun approach perfectly suited the loose but epiphanic creative sessions that birthed Family Tree.
Family Tree boasts BSC's tried-and-true lucky number with its 13 songs, and, like all BSC releases, features songwriting contributions from each member. The result is a modern and meaty blues-based rock album, with unexpected sonic twists like punchy horn sections, barrelhouse pianos, Southern gospel organ, atmospheric synthesizer passages, and forays into funk and country.
Two special guests bring Family Tree full circle, one being Chris' 5 year-old son singing backup on the brawny swaggering "You Got The Blues," and the other being jam band icon Warren Haynes' vocal and guitar cameo on the delta stomp of "Dancing In The Rain." The band first met Warren 17 years ago when they first came to New York to showcase for their new label. "I remember coming to New York when we first were signed, and hearing Warren's voice behind me the minute my feet hit the street," recalls bassist Jon Lawhon. "Hearing him play on this track all these years later gave me chills."
Having Warren guest on the album was a wonderful gesture of "you're in the family now." It was truly a validation of all the miles the band has clocked on tour, and the dues the guys have paid being away from home. "It's amazing to me how four good old boys from nowhere Kentucky can still be around 17 years later," singer/guitarist Chris Robertson says. Ben Wells concludes: "I don't remember how life was outside of Black Stone Cherry. The four of us are family."
Shaman's Harvest
Shaman's Harvest
It has been a long road for Shaman's Harvest filled with moments of triumph alongside

challenges that few bands have the strength to overcome. Through it all, the quartet

looks optimistically towards a future with a record that exhibits their strongest, most

meaningful recordings to date. Long-time brothers in arms, they are stronger than ever

with enduring souls that never cease to persevere. Singer Nathan Hunt overcame a bout

with cancer while the band created Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns, so perhaps fate is

now unequivocally on their side.

The story begins years ago in the Midwestern town of Jefferson City, Missouri. Bassist

Matt Fisher and singer Nathan Hunt began a collaboration with guitarist Josh Hamler that

has remained the foundation and core of Shaman's Harvest. Fisher reflects, "Drake and I

have been through a tremendous amount of high's and low's together in our years. We

have somehow managed to keep this music marriage together. Playing music has

squashed our differences, and it is our synergy. I believe we share a soul in it. From the

moment I meet him in his mother's basement in August, 1996 I've held the conviction he

is a rare talent you might find once in your life." Rhythm guitarist Josh Hamler echoes

these sentiments sharing, "Nate has the gift of voice. A voice that almost any vocalist

would dream of having.  He brings a very artistic approach to song writing making even

the simplest songs very unique, original, and very much that Shaman's Harvest sound."
Brittan Church
Brittan Church is a Texas, Rock musician who has been playing the guitar and writing music for about ten years now. His dream is to create music, give his gift to the world, and provide an escape from stress for his listeners. Brittan Church's vocals have a warm rich style and are a very distinctive as they are the main focus point in the texture and timbre, whilst the guitar adds another layer. His writing style in subject matter and lyrics are very relatable and can be adaptive. The tracks are well mixed and have received a small amount of radio airplay thus far. Brittan Church's entire melody has a strong pull but you still get the sense that there is an important story being told so you listen to the lyrics carefully as the music takes you to the promise land. Brittan Church Music's first solo work has plenty 'ups' and maybe one 'down'. It is an all-round good listen, and is particularly inspiring in places, with Brittan's powerfully sounding voice frequently haunting and rummaging the melodies. With EXILE, Brittan realizes his potential. Proving he can be a legitimate solo artist, branching out to do his own thing. EXILE is for those who have a longing for intimate, stripped down, breathtaking music, and it doesn't get much better than this. Brittan Church's new EP - R.E.D. has blown every expectation out of the water after it's release in November 2015. Brittan Church teamed up with legendary world renowned producer "Chuck Alkazian" bringing the music to a new level with songs like "Watch You Run Away", and "Alive" along with mind blowing solo's from "Absolution". This Lubbock Texas native has tested the boundaries of rock in a new way and is sure to quench any thirst for good music. Brittan Church has Toured or Performed with Saving Abel, Adelitas Way, Dark Tranquillity, Shamans Harvest, Avatar, Fuel, Marcy Playground, Dishwalla, Bobaflex, Royal Bliss, Crobot, Devour the Day, Aranda, Failure Anthem, Stiched Up Heart, One Eyed Doll, Conflict of Interest, Insomnium, October Rage, Kublai Khan, Doyle, Bad Seed Rising, Senses Fail, Austin John Winkler, Otherwise, Mark McKenny, and many more!
The Bayou City Outlaw Band
The Bayou City Outlaw Band (Nominated "Best Rock Band" Houston Press Music Awards 2011) takes pride in their ability to mix the modern hard rock grit with the low down dirtiness of the blues. You want cool? You want something that's loud, fast and badass? Well you've got it right here delivered with a southern rock attitude and a Texas Tone That's Bad To The bone. This Texas Rock Band is more than confident in the sound they’ve molded and the truth is, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from, there is something that you’re going to like about The Bayou City Outlaw Band.

The Bayou City Outlaw Band IS Ass Kickin' Texas Rock!
Venue Information:
Jake's Backroom
5025 50th St #A
Lubbock, TX, 79414