Palaye Royale

Din Productions Presents

Palaye Royale

Bones, Dead Posey, AnastasiaMax

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm


Dallas, TX


This event is all ages

Palaye Royale
Palaye Royale
The fashion-art rock band Palaye consisting of Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig, Emerson Barrett has been named champions of MTV's "Musical March Madness" 2014. They are the first unsigned act ever to compete in and win this fan-voted tournament. The global Samsung Galaxy Note commercial that features Palaye Royale's single "Get Higher" continues to make an impression and make history.
"This is Trent Reznor-level cool. BONES is doing the whole damn thing,middle fingers to the sky and in full control of their work. Rock on."-NYLONFemale-led LA via London duoBONEShad a busy 2017, tearing up the stage on tour across the U.S. and gaining a massive following off of only two singles, “Beautiful is Boring” and “Girls Can’t Play Guitar”. This year is even more packed, joiningthe all-star lineup forThe Howard Stern Tribute to David Bowie, covering “I’m Afraid of Americans” for the King of All Media’s compilation celebrating the legendary artist, showcasingat SXSW and their debut festival performance at Hangout Festival in May.Forging their own distinctive sound with the help of vicious guitar, provocative lyrics and industrial electronic drum and bass, BONES is aiming to make a huge impact on modern music.Rosie(singer) andCarmen(guitar), createall of their own images, videos and luck, catching the attention and toured with the likesof:Highly Suspect,Band of Skulls,KOOKS,PVRIS,Skunk AnansieandMiyavi. And it's easy to see why. They're is creating a new form ofrock and roll,firmly placed in the 31st century.Keep an eye out for an announcement of BONES' debut album soon!
Dead Posey
Dead Posey
It could double as the soundtrack for the witching hour.

A brew of rough-and-tumble guitars, swamp soul rhythms, and femme fatale vocal invocations, Dead Posey cast a sonic spell that seduces as it scorches. The Los Angeles-based band—vocalist Danyell Souza and producer/co-writer Tony F [ALLIES, formerly of Eve 6]—immediately enchant on their five- song debut EP, the “Freak Show EP” [Sumerian Records].

“I’ve always loved magic,” explains Danyell. “We like mixing these twisted lyrical themes and haunting imagery with a sense of fun and energy. We hope the beat, melodic hooks, and impact make the dark lyrics go down a little smoother. There’s a contrast. It sounds morbid, but I try to remind myself, ‘We all die one day, so you might as well grab life by the balls.”

That’s exactly what Danyell and Tony did. It started on a late-night drive a few years back. The two cruised through the darkness one evening as Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” piped through the speakers of Tony’s car. An inexplicable impulse overcame Tony as he asked, “Do you want to go sing in the studio when we get back?”

Danyell obliged—“coming out of the closet” as a singer. She devoted two years to honing her craft in another band before fate brought her back to Tony. Then, tapping into intense creative chemistry and Danyell’s newfound vision for a rough, blues-y new sound, they quietly grinded in the studio for nearly a year, honing their songwriting to perfection.

“Instead of just playing shows right away, we decided to do things differently,” Tony continues. “We didn’t want to just throw the music together. We really took our time.”

“It was important to cook the songs,” agrees Danyell.

Rather than diving into the club circuit, Dead Posey (joined by one-time member Kyle Foster) released one song at a time online and stirred up a palpable buzz. Beyond early acclaim from Huffington Post, Glide Magazine, PureVolume, The Deli Magazine, and more, they landed high-profile syncs everywhere from Lucifer, Teen Wolf, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, and NETFLIX’s Jack Whitehall – Travels With My Father to Macy’s, Sony PlayStation, and League of Legends. As well as inking a deal with Sumerian Records, 2018 will see them hit the road with Palaye Royale and BONES(UK) this fall in support of the "Freak Show EP".

Leading their debut EP for the label, the first single “Freak Show” hinges on a propulsive handclap- driven groove, wild chant, and raucous riffing. It functions as a clarion call for the musicians.

“We had a vision that a freakshow was coming to town, and you see the neon lights,” Danyell reveals. “No matter how normal you are, everyone is a freak in their own way. We’re individuals. You’re a little off, but it’s okay, because everyone is.”

The revival-style stomp of “Don’t Stop The Devil” drips with ominous otherworldly charm.

“We were thinking about the co-dependent relationship between Harley Quinn and The Joker,” says Tony. “I feel like we’re all capable of that kind of connection to some degree.”

Whether it’s the Southern Gothic swell of “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” dark energy coursing through “Boogeyman,” or intense sensuality during “Holy Grail,” the group conjure up a singular spirit that’s equally catchy and cathartic. For the live show, Danyell leads a fresh gang of hard-charging musicians, while Tony remains behind-the-scenes in the lab as producer and co-pilot of Dead Posey.

In the end, now that Dead Posey’s spell has been cast, it won’t be broken.

Danyell leaves off, “The last few years have been this intense up-and-down sensation with exciting, inspiring things happening to me and to Dead Posey coupled with some sad and scary things—which is a feeling I’m sure we’ve all had in our lives. We try to let Dead Posey’s music reflect that roller coaster nature of life.”
Venue Information:
2709 Elm Street
Dallas, TX, 75226