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Combichrist *CANCELLED*

Silver Snakes

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Jake's Backroom

Lubbock, TX

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“It’s beyond my personal demons, and extremely honest,” says LaPlegua of the fifth Combichrist album Making Monsters. With five albums, thousands of shows, and four full months in Europe touring with Rammstein (in front of hundreds of thousands of people), Combichrist has become a purely visceral creature, driven by instinct and emotion; stripped of all pretension. Its urgency - most evident in the raw and uncompromising new album – is fueled by expressions of lust, anger, pain and hate.

Presenting a foreboding soundscape, the album kicks off with a hauntingly atmospheric instrumental “Declamation,” setting the tone for what is to follow: dark, stabbing synths; heavy, robotic beats; and swarming, buzz saw-style guitar sounds. Songs such as “Follow the Trail of Blood” (featuring Brendan Schiepatti of Bleeding Through) are baretoothed aggression; meanwhile the floor-stomping, first single “Never Surrender” proves to be aggressively catchy, with its metronome-tight rhythm through the verses, giving way to explosive choruses that is bound to pack dance floors. “Through These Eyes of Pain” takes a much subtler approach. Its echo-y vocal wash and glitchy beats conjure images like a mournful dream, exposing the man inside the monster. Though the moods displayed in Making Monsters are decidedly sinister, LaPlegua manages to portray these emotions in many different guises. Laden with hook heavy choruses, speaker-crushing beats, and LaPlegua’s trademark dark, aggressive vocals, this is an album that exudes honesty and the darkness that often comes with it.

Initially cutting his teeth in the seminal Norwegian hardcore bands Fleshfire and Lash Out, LaPlegua segued out of that scene into the electronic music world with Icon of Coil. Originally a solo project, it morphed into a full band with the additions of Sebastian Komor and Christian Lund. Not only did IOC mark LaPlegua’s first major work with electronics and dance beats, but it also granted him wider exposure beyond Norway; IOC was LaPlegua’s first project to be released in the United States.

It wasn’t until 2003 that LaPlegua founded Combichrist - the project that would soon dominate his time. A departure from IOC's futurepop sound, Combichrist took LaPlegua’s hardcore past and electronica present and merged them into a singular, mechanical music monster. Without the compromise of the band dynamic, LaPlegua, who does everything in the studio himself on Combichrist releases, was able to explore whatever avenue he desired musically. What he found was a long dark road with plenty of twists and turns. The Joy of Gunz, LaPlegua’s first release as Combichrist, was quickly followed by two EP’s: 2004’s Kiss the Blade and Sex Drogen und Industrial.

In 2005, LaPlegua was back at it again, releasing the landmark album Everybody Hates You. Defying the dreaded sophomore slump, the second Combichrist full-length featured two tracks that would become club classics—“This Shit Will Fuck You Up” and “This Is My Rifle”—and was also the project’s U.S. debut on Metropolis Records. Further benchmarks were set with the release of the 2006 EP Get Your Body Beat, the title track of which landed Combichrist its first appearance on Billboard’s Top 10 Dance Singles chart.

The years that followed brought on two more full-length albums — What the Fuck Is Wrong with You People? (2007) and Today We Are All Demons (2009) — as well as a handful of additional EPs. On top of Combichrist’s many releases, LaPlegua has also logged countless miles, globetrotting on tours of Europe, South America, Australia, the United States and points in-between.

Though Combichrist has kept him busy over the past seven years, LaPlegua has other interests that fill the rare breaks from his main musical project. The Atlanta, GA - based songwriter maintains Panzer AG, a sonic hybrid of Combichrist and Icon of Coil and even plays in a straightforward American rock 'n' roll band, Scandinavian Cock. This affinity for Americana is also displayed in his love for hotrods and motorcycles. On his MySpace page, LaPlegua states, “I’m a Norwegian grease ball, and I'm never afraid to get dirty!”

With Making Monsters, man and beast have combined, evolving beyond the demon it once was and into a greater, bigger and more malevolent force in music. This time, there’s no surrender.
Silver Snakes
Silver Snakes
Usually, when singer/guitarist Alex Estrada begins the writing process on a new Silver Snakes’ album, he will retreat to the California desert or mountains to distance himself from the day-to-day hustle of the Los Angeles landscape he calls home.

This time, he welcomed the chaos.

“I didn’t want this record to be influenced by seclusion,” Estrada said. “I wanted to experience the outside world for what it is at this time, not just in my own head or what my idea of it was. It was very different for me.”

“Saboteur” (Evil Ink Records) finds Estrada and bandmates, bassist Mike Trujillo, guitarist Jeremiah Bignell and drummer Garrett Harney delving further into a darker side of the human condition for their third full-length album (their first for Evil Ink) due out Feb 5th.

“I felt like the last record was very out in the open, it was like being in middle America…almost a Western feel,” Estrada explained. “’Saboteur’ reminds me of a dirty city with broken infrastructure and people on the streets. I feel like this is more of a social record.”

Formed in 2011, after Estrada’s hardcore/crust band Cathedrals went defunct, Silver Snakes started an evolution that has blended his many influences, from Latin singer Lola Beltrán to bands like Godflesh and Ministry. So, not surprisingly, “Saboteur,” finds the songwriter experimenting with samples, synths and beats for the first time. “It’s something I have always had an interest in, and it felt like a new challenge. It’s not like picking up a guitar and teaching yourself a few chords.”

Inspired by two alternative masterpieces: Nine Inch Nail’s “The Downward Spiral” and Sleep’s cult classic “Dopesmoker,” the storyline interwoven with the music of “Saboteur” takes the listener through a pyrrhic victory of someone who, because of their own passions and goals, sabotages and manipulates for their own benefit and soon has to come face to face with the consequences of their actions.

“The idea of sabotage is something that can be applied to everyone’s lives,” Estrada said, revealing the muse behind the album’s title.

“It is a human urge to want to succeed over everyone else, or to see someone not succeed just for the pleasure you get out of that…that’s what this record is about.”

While “Saboteur” is not full-on concept album, there is a common thread which ties songs like the Deftones-meets-Om track “Glass” with the hypnotically heavy riffs of “Dresden.”

The mechanical, heartless feel of “Saboteur” enhances the narrative that Estrada and the band explore thematically on this release, but also runs the risk of alienating fans of the band's earlier riff-laden albums.

It is a risk Estrada is willing to take to see Silver Snakes continue to push boundaries the way his musical heroes did more than 20 years ago.

“Bands like Nine Inch Nails do whatever the fuck they want because their first few records were similar and built on each other. The fact that from the get-go we have done something different from album to album is kind of a self sabotage on ourselves,” Estrada said, highlighting a crossroads the band once again finds themselves in on the verge of a new album and tour next year with Coheed and Cambria and Glassjaw.

“We have always written what we want to write,” Estrada said. “regardless of the fact that this new album might be a bit more accessible, it is still the darkest music we have ever written.”
Venue Information:
Jake's Backroom
5025 50th St #A
Lubbock, TX, 79414